We Offer Many CAD / CAM Options

Contract CAD development and production-

Paul Michael Design offers contract CAD product development utilizing it's complex 3D modeling software. We can design almost any 3 dimensional product and render it in a photo realistic manner.

 We use the best most up to date CAD
 design software including, AutoCAD,
Rhino3D, and the ultimate jewelry design tool in the world! Matrix 4.0 By Gemvision

Almost any form

can be cut from

production quality
wax to be used in
small run lost wax

Service center for CNC prototype development-

Paul Michael Design offers time sensitive prototype production on our state of the art 4 axis mill. We produce models at an expedited rate of speed at a reasonable price. We also have access to RP (rapid prototyping) technology such as laser sintering,  wax printing Prefactory and metal molds.

Paul Michael Design offers a complete CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) solution with the Revo540 Multiple-Axis Milling System. Designed specifically as a companion to our Matrix software , the Revo540 quickly generates a dimensionally accurate wax model ready for casting. The Revo540 offers superior quality and innovation never seen before in the jewelry industry.
The Perfactory® process is quite simple:
The selected 3D data model will be prepared
for the process in the Perfactory® specific
RP-SW; the data model will be sliced and the data slices will be converted into a bitmap
format necessary for the mask projection via
DLPTM-Technology from Texas Instruments.
Then, each layer of the object will be
photopolymerized while moving up the support platform step by step (layer by layer).Perfactory® cures the build material layer by layer and not spot by spot. This makes build speed independent from part size and geometry. Perfactory® Standard has a build speed of approx. 10 to 20 mm Z-height build-up per hour. For this new approach, a DLPTM (Digital Light Processing) Technology based projection system is integrated into Perfactory®.
Two solid imagers in one for unprecedented versatility.

3D Systems’ new Viper SLA system is our first solid imaging system to combine standard AND high-resolution part building in the same system. Now, with one machine, you can tackle an unequalled range of solid imaging applications. And you can take advantage of scores of cost-saving, productivity-enhancing innovations, including state-of-the-art components, improved system software, and much more. A dual-resolution and longer life laser -- another 3d systems first. The Viper SLA system lets you choose between standard resolution mode, for the best balance of build speed and part resolution, and high resolution (HR) mode for ultra-detailed small parts and features -- all from a carefully integrated digital signal processor (DSP) controlled high speed scanning system with a single, solid-state laser that delivers 100 mW of available power. Build superior quality parts for every application. The Viper SLA system builds parts with a smooth surface finish, excellent optical clarity, high accuracy, and thin, straight vertical walls. It’s ideal for a myriad of solid imaging applications, from rapid modeling and prototyping, to injection molding and investment casting.